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Cross River

The Cross River landscape contains the largest forest block left in Nigeria, with a wide variety of habitats ranging from dense rainforest to montane forest to high-altitude grasslands, spread over an altitudinal gradient from 150 to over 1,700m. and is contiguous with forests in Cameroon. The region is a biodiversity hotspot of global significance and a centre of endemism for primates, birds, freshwater fish and amphibians. The Oban and Okwangwo Divisions of Cross River National Park are recognised as UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and as a proposed World Heritage Site. The Support Programme for the Preservation of Forest Ecosystems in West Africa (PAPFor), in support of Protected Areas and cross- border collaboration, helps local communities to develop sustainable livelihoods that are compatible with maintaining forest cover.

Protected areas:

NIG Cross River National Park National Park 3,640 km²
NIG Mbe Mountains National Park 100 km²
NIG Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary Wildlife Sanctuary 100 km²
NIG Afi River Forest Reserve Forest Reserve 380 km²
NIG Cross River South Forest Reserve Forest Reserve 350 km²

PAPFor Programme

Project starting date: December 2019
Project end date: December 2023


The PAPFor programme in Cross River State is implemented by
the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) in collaboration with
the National Park Service and Cross River State Government.
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