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The PAPFor Programme

The dense rainforests of West Africa stretch from Guinea to western Cameroon. Known as the Guinean forests, they play a crucial role in maintaining climate, environmental services and unique biodiversity.

However, various unsustainable human activities are leading to rampant deforestation. The remaining forests are being depleted of wildlife and many species are now threatened with extinction. Along with forest destruction, development and employment opportunities, as well as ancient cultures, are also being lost.

The aim of the PAPFor programme is to slow – and ultimately halt – the loss of these forests, and promote sustainable solutions for their continued existence, with and for the benefit of local communities.

PAPFor is active in six forest landscapes in West Africa, with a coordination unit based in Monrovia, Liberia. The programme is funded through the 11th European Development Fund from December 2019 to April 2024.

Two levels and three objectives

For each landscape
An implementing agency manages field activities and supports various initiatives via different partners, focused on three major objectives:

  • maintaining forest cover across the landscape,
  • improving the management of protected areas,
  • promoting sustainable rural development on the periphery of protected areas.

At the regional level
A regional coordination unit, based in Monrovia, ensures regional oversight and communicates on the progress and challenges of Guinean forest conservation. In collaboration with national administrations and regional institutions, it focuses on three main results:

  • R1 "Recognition of transboundary protected area complexes": strengthening through regional and international agreements,
  • R2 "Regional Forest Monitoring": monitoring and analysis of forest conservation and exploitation in West Africa,
  • R3 "Programme Monitoring": monitoring of activities and results; steering committees; communication.