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Gola - Foya

The block of expansive upper Guinean Forest that transverses the boundaries of Sierra Leone and Liberia along the Mano River and associated tributaries constitutes the Gola Landscape. The vegetation is tropical rainforest and comprises relatively flat to slightly undulating terrain with an altitude range between 50-600m asl.

The Greater Gola Landscape is highly rich in biodiversity, supporting viable populations of flagship, endemic and globally threatened species. In 2011, the Sierra Leone and Liberian governments signed a Peace Park Agreement to protect the Landscape leading to transboundary cooperation between the two countries.

The Support for the Preservation of Forest Ecosystems in West Africa (PAPFor) works with Institutions across the transboundary landscape to support protected areas and communities to promote better governance and increased participation in forest conservation.

Protected areas

LIB Gola Forest National Park National Park 88000 ha
SL Gola Rainforest National Park National Park 77000 ha
SL Kambui Hills Forest Reserve Forest Reserve 21228 ha
SL Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary Wildlife Sanctuary 1200ha
LIB Foya Proposed Protected Area Ungazetted 164 000h


The PAPFor GGL programme is being implemented by SCNL, CSSL, GRC LG and the RSPB, active in various parts of the Landscape respectively.
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