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Outamba - Kilimi - Kuru - Pinselli - Soyah

The OKKPS landscape in Guinea and Sierra Leone is comprised of a wide variety of habitats; from dense rainforest to grassy savannahs, and montane grasslands, spread over an altitudinal gradient of 61 to 1134 m. The confirmed presence of African forest elephants and high densities of chimpanzees make this area a conservation priority for the subregion.

PAPFor, in support of Protected Areas and transboundary collaboration, supports government agencies in improving

PAPFor Actions:

Project start date: June 2021
Project end date: April 2024

Protected areas:

GUI Pinselli Classified Forest Classified Forest 120 km²
GUI Soyah Classified Forest Classified Forest 72,23 km²
GUI Sabouyah Reserve Reserve without legal status 250 km²
SL Outamba National Park National Park 738,15 km²
SL Kilimi National Park National Park 388,5 km²
SL Kuru hills reserves Forest Reserve 69,93 km²

Conservation area


The PAPFor programme in the OKKPS Landscape is implemented by the Wild Chimpanzee Founda-
tion (WCF) and Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary (TCS), with field teams based in Mamou and Soyah in Guinea, and Outamba in Sierra Leone.
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