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Mt Nimba

Divided between Guinea, Ivory Coast and Liberia, the landscape of the Nimba Mountains has a wide variety of habitats, from dense rainforest to montane grasslands, spread over an altitudinal gradient from 400 to 1750m.

The landscape has a strong tourism potential. It is a unique centre of endemism for many plants and animals. The Guinean and Ivorian sections are recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The support Program for the preservation of forest ecosystems in west africa(PAPFor) in support of Protected Areas and cross-border collaboration helps local communities to develop sustainable livelihoods that are compatible with maintaining forest cover.

Protected areas:

Mt Nimba Strict NR Classified GUI 130 km²
Bossou Hills Strict NR Classified GUI 3.2 km²
East Nimba NR Classified LIB 135 km²
Mt Nimba Integral Reserve Classified CI 51 km²

PAPFor Actions:

Starting of the project: January 2021
End of project date : April 2024


The PAPFor programme in the Nimba Mountains Landscape is implemented by UNOPS, with a field team based in Nzérékoré.
Agreements with the agencies in charge of Protected Areas in each of the three countries have been established to ensure optimal ownership.
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