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Mining company SMFG and the Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve

26 May 2022

Marc Languy, PAPFor Regional Coordinator, accompanied Radar Nishuli, PAPFor Programme Manager for the Mount Nimba landscape, on a field visit to the Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve in Guinea.

Together with the contiguous reserve on the Ivorian side, the reserve constitutes a UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, it is on the list of sites in danger due to iron ore mining projects in the so-called ‘mining perimeter’ directly adjacent to the reserve.

Our two experts held working sessions with the Société des Mines de Fer de Guinée (SMFG) to gain a better understanding of measures taken to mitigate the mining project’s impact and to identify areas of collaboration, particularly with the Centre for the Management of the Environment of the Nimba and Simandou Mountains (CEGENS), which is responsible for managing the reserve.

During the two-day visit, the team was able to tour the Reserve and see for themselves the implementation of the various measures and make recommendations.

Meeting between PAPFor et SMFG
View of the Strict Nature Reserve from the CEGENS office

Combining business with pleasure, the combined team was able to observe various species of mammals and birds. Above all, they were lucky enough to see an exceptional species of toad, Nimbaphrynoides occidentalis. This tiny toad is only found on Mount Nimba and has the particularity of giving birth to fully-formed live young, not tadpoles.

One of the viviparous toads met by the team. He thought he was a climber