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Nimba: Local Development Plans (LDPs) officially handed to 3 project communities around Bossou

13 February 2023

The process of updating Local Development Plans (LDPs) for Bossou, N’zoo, and Tounkarata communities began in March 2022 with a meeting with the 3 communes’ mayors and elected officials. The PAPFor team was thus able to present its objectives and the need to revise the LDPs for the communities bordering Mount Nimba in Guinea to integrate aspects related to the environment, the protection of Mount Nimba’s forests, and gender into the plan.

During the revision stage, the communities took several components into account:
• The collection of secondary and primary data by local development agents (LDAs),
• The drafting of documents,
• Revision workshops involving prefectural technical staff,
• Presentation sessions in local communities,
• The unanimous adoption of the revised LDPs.

Remit of the PDL to the major of Tounkarata Moriba Nanamou

The workshop for submitting local development plans for the communities of N’zoo, Bossou, and Tounkarata took place on Monday 9 January 2023 at the Prefecture of Lola. Among the participants were the prefect Colonel Cécé MAOMOU, the director general of CEGENS Justin BILIVOGUI, the mayors of the three communes Jean MAMY (Bossou), Alexis Gono TRAORE (N’Zoo), Matthieu Moriba NANAMOU (Tounkarata), local development agents Fabrice GONO and Gustave SAGNO as well as all the people who participated in the revision of the documents.

During the ceremony, speakers focused on the importance of the LDPs for the communities.

At the end of the meetings, five hard copies of the LDP were officially handed over by UNOPS to the mayors. Meanwhile, EU/UNOPS will support the implementation of certain income-generating activities listed in the LDP Action Plans, which will benefit communities in their development.