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Wild Chimpanzee Foundation (WCF) introduces agroecology in Pinselli Soyah Sabouyah (PSS), Guinea

5 March 2023

The Wild Chimpanzee Foundation, with funding from the PAPFor programme for managing and conserving the OKKPS transboundary landscape between Guinea and Sierra Leone, has launched its 2023 agricultural campaign in 8 communities. The campaign has been inaugurated in 8 pilot villages of the future Pinselli Soyah Sabouyah National Park (PN PSS) and aims to support the transition from traditional agriculture to agroecology in forest-edge communities.

Agroecology is the application of ecological ideas to enhance a sustainable farming approach that works with nature. The approach prevents the pollution of surface water that leads to contamination, while promoting safe and locally grown crops that require less water and allow for a safe and sustainable aquifer storage, recovery and recharge.

The programme provides support to farmers through training, with 562 already trained (including 311 women), and the provision of equipment and agricultural input kits containing seeds and tools. These support kits were distributed to 7 beneficiaries, with the project securing 4 plains with an area of 4.5 ha for farming.

A further 389 local people (including 181 women) have directly benefited from the supply of agricultural tools and seeds.

The populations of Karimouya, Soyah, Bantaworo, Mengnékhouré, Balancia, Diandian, Banihoye and Kouloudala in the sub-prefectures of Madina Oula, Soyah and Ouré Kaba have indirectly benefited from the support.