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The PAPFor programme in the TGKS Landscape is implemented by the technical agency of the German Development Cooperation (GIZ), with offices in Abidjan and Monrovia, and two field teams, based in Tai and Zwedru. Agreements have been established with institutions and bodies with responsibility for the environment and Protected Areas in both countries to ensure optimal ownership.

MINEDD (Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development - Côte d’Ivoire): for the implementation of biodiversity conservation strategies and sustainable management of parks and reserves, with OIPR (Office Ivoirien des Parcs et Réserves).
MINEF (Ministry of Water and Forests - CI): on the sustainable management of classified forests belonging to the State Forest Estate, with SODEFOR (Société de Développement des Forêts).
FDA (Forestry Development Authority - Liberia): sustainable management of protected areas and forest resources.
EPA (Environmental Protection Agency - Liberia): sustainable management of the environment and natural resources.
PAMAC (Protected Area Management Advisory Committees - Liberia): participatory management of protected areas.

To ensure better results, the PAPFor programme in the TGKS Landscape, implemented by GIZ, works in synergy with the following institutions: FDA, OIPR, SODEFOR, FPRCI (Fondation pour les Parcs & Réserves de Côte d’Ivoire), Regional Councils, as well as administrative and customary authorities and village communities.

The programme also interacts with other programmes, the TGS ‘Corridor’ project funded by KfW (German Financial Cooperation), WABiLED (USAID), with international organisations including the Mano River Union, the Wild Chimpanzee Foundation, and Fauna and Flora International, as well as with local NGOs (NOFNA, YVEO). The project also works with the private sector, among which cooperative and trading companies in the cocoa sector (Beyond Beans) and industrial timber companies (STBC).