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Gold is mined throughout the PAPFor TGKS Landscape, using both traditional and modern methods. At first, mining consisted of classic illegal gold panning (digging shallow shafts and washing the extracted earth (Sapo NP, eastern edge of the Taï NP on the Hana River)). Then, artisanal permits were issued (some legally but some illegally, such as in the FMC-F) and, more recently, dredging developed in many rivers and their banks (Cavally, Dugbe, Hana). With the former, damage to the forest cover is particularly significant, as deforestation is accompanied by long-term land degradation. With the latter, the damage consists of pollution and diversion of waterways. On the Hana river, bank revegetation sites supported by the project for six years have been destroyed by such dredging. Indirect impacts include increased hunting pressure and health impacts on workers and local residents.