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Stronghold for endemic and threatened wildlife taxa

Conserving the Greater Gola Landscape is also vital to protect its globally impor-tant wildlife. Many of Gola’s species are found nowhere else in the world, and over 60 species are classified as global-ly threatened. Over 100 mammals are found in the forest, including the Vulne-rable African elephant, the Endangered pygmy hippopotamus, the Endangered western chimpanzee and the endemic and rare Jentink’s duicker. The lands-cape supports 327 bird species, inclu-ding the Endangered Gola malimbe, the Endangered Timneh parrot, and the Vulnerable yellow-headed picathartes.

There are also over 600 species of but-terflies and almost 900 species of plants, as well as 43 species of amphibians, 13 species of reptiles and 31 of the avai-lable 175 species of freshwater fish are