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Support to Protected Areas

After supporting the gazettement process of the Grebo-Krahn National Park in Liberia (including participatory demarcation of the proposed protected area boundaries), which was gazetted in 2017, the project supported the participatory development of its Management Plan. The plan was approved in December 2021. Further support will be provided by the project to the FDA, through the Wild Chimpanzee Foundation, to improve the park’s monitoring and law enforcement.

In Côte d’Ivoire, the project supports the implementation of the Taï NP Management Plan through support to several neighbouring communities (see above: sustainable management of residual forests and natural resources, promotion of agroforestry, etc.).

The project also supports training in protected area management tools such as IMET (Integrated Management Effectiveness Tool), as well as those for monitoring and evaluating management effectiveness (BNS (Basic Needs Survey), SAPA (Social Assessment of Protected Areas) and SAGE (Site Assessment for Governance and Equity)) and the perception of local populations.